User Scenarios

By using BigBlueButton you can create several digital learning and teaching environments as well as team meetings with up to 200 participants. We advise you to use an inverted classroom approach for your courses including a combination of guided self-study and small units of videoconferencing. Not least because of equal opportunity, we further advise you to use synchronous communication units consciously and only occasionally. This means that if possible, the greater part of the content should be acquired in the process of self-study. During the process of self-study, students can work out digital learning material either alone and/or in small groups (for example via learning videos or exercises/learning activities in Moodle). The purpose of videoconferences is to discuss, to deliberate and to enlarge upon the results, insights and open questions acquired throughout the process of self-study. Thus, a connection between the process of self-study and the videoconferences is formed. You can find further guidance regarding the usage of videoconferences in teaching on this page: (link)

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