Welcome to the BigBlueButton system of the UDE!

BigBlueButton is a videoconferencing system which is provided to all staff members by the ZIM in cooperation with the CViS.

Visualization of the topic 'Setting up new sessions'.
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Setting up new sessions

Information on creating meetings rooms in BigBlueButton or via Moodle can be found here.

Visualization of the topic 'Instructions'.
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Text and video-based instructions, for participants and moderators, can be found here.

Visualization of the topic 'User Scenarios'.
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User Scenarios

Recommendations for the use and framework of BigBlueButton can be found here.


Which functions are available in BigBlueButton, e.g. the chat, the whiteboard or the screen sharing, is listed here.

Protection of data privacy

We have summarized information on the subject of data protection here.

Further Information

Additional handouts as well as tips and tricks for using videoconferencing in teaching can be found here.

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